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SHURE P4800 System Prozessor

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The P4800 System Processor is a 4xinput, 8xoutput digital audio processor. It performs all the necessary functions between the mixers and the power amplifiers in small to medium sized sound systems. Using the P4800?s drag?and?drop Graphical User Inter- face, processors can be placed anywhere in the signal path. The 4?by?8 matrix mixer allows any or all inputs to be routed to any or all outputs with additional controls for levels and polarity. The P4800 can store up to 128 configurations that can be recalled using simple contact closures, MIDI, or RS232 commands.

The primary interface for the P4800 is a Windows?based soft- ware program that mimics the functional block diagrams used in sound system design. Unlike many other DSP products that constrict design freedom with preset templates, the process- ing blocks in the P4800 can be applied in any order, to any in- put or output. Processing blocks can be copied and pasted to duplicate processors across multiple channels. They can also be linked for more efficient stereo or global control.

With the P4800, the entire system can be designed, saved to disk, and loaded at the job site for easy set up. The P4800 also allows real?time design changes, so processing blocks can be added, removed or changed during system tuning. The securi- ty options allow complete lock of the system to prevent unde- sired tampering, or to restrict user access to certain parts of the system.